Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses transferrable or refundable?

No, as we have limited spaces

Can you do a trial session?

No. One session of pilates will not give you enough time time to really feel the benefits or get any understanding of what you are trying to do. Also we have limited spaces so there are often no places left, so taking someone for a trial is not really viable.

Can I join if I’m pregnant?

If you have not previously been doing pilates then to take up a new exercise regime is not a good idea. However Pilates is brilliant for pregnancy, so make sure you start beforehand

I have a health problem – Is it okay to join?

Many people who attend our courses have various health issues and are sent by doctors, physiotherapists and other medical professionals because of this. If you are unsure whether you should do pilates then ask your doctor or consultant first

If I have booked a holiday, can I pay only for the weeks I attend the course?

No, but when you have paid your course fee and you cannot make a session, you can make it up at a different session within the course period i.e. you could attend twice in one week subject to place being available

Should I attend pilates if I have a cold or feel unwell?

It is not a good idea to do any kind of exercise if you are feeling unwell

Will I lose weight doing pilates?

Pilates is not a fat burning exercise, however people often feel slimmer because they are more toned and have better posture. Some people do lose weight  even though pilates is not cardiovascular because it is a lot better for losing weight than sitting on a sofa

Will I be able to do pilates?

Most people can do pilates in some way. The way that Newbody Pilates teaches makes it suitable for all levels of fitness and it is adapted to suit issues such as knee and hip issues.

If you are elderly and have never done much exercise it can be tricky as getting up and down from the floor is a requirement. Level one is very, very gentle and there is no pressure to do anything that you feel uncomfortable with, if fact quite the reverse. This is not a competitive class but more about finding a level that suits you

Can I work at a higher level as I have done a lot of pilates before?

Yes, there are higher levels that will give you a really good workout, but always done in a very controlled way using pure pilates

How long will it be before I notice any difference?

Some people feel better immediately but generally after a few weeks you will be able to do things that maybe you thought you would never be able to do. The benefits are endless both mentally and physically

Do I need to bring a mat?

Yes, you do need to bring a mat

What do I wear?

Something comfortable but not tight unless it stretches. You do not need trainers

How do I enrol?

Email or phone to ask if there is a place on the course you wish to attend. Then download or fill in the online health form and send it to our address along with your enrolment fee. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer then please email for our bank details.

Please note that until you have paid your enrolment fee your place is NOT confirmed