More About Pilates


Pilates movements gently stretch the muscles, pulling them into longer leaner shapes. Body builders increase their muscle bulk by overloading muscles, causing the muscle to become shorter and thicker, Pilates does exactly the opposite, it works by continually stretching your limbs and torso, ensuring muscles become longer and leaner.


The shape of our bodies reflects our day-to-day activities. The Japanese are considered to have the best posture in the world because traditionally they no not have backs to their chairs. In the Western world we have made life very comfortable for ourselves that is why 80% of us at sometime in our lives will experience back pain. Good posture is vital for your body to function correctly. We need to develop good muscle balance, to obtain good posture.


Pilates will systematically exercise all the muscle groups in your body developing areas that need attention and building strength in our weakest areas, balancing the body and aiming to increase strength and flexibility. Building strength in the core muscles in the torso is vital to most daily activities as it is this area that provides core stability.

All Pilates movements are slow and controlled; they are done at the same constant speed throughout, thus eliminating risk of injury. Slower movements are harder to control and are therefore more exacting and ultimately more effective.

With many exercise classes and techniques you don’t have to think about what you are doing, but with Pilates every movement is a conscious act controlled by the power of your mind. The very nature of the control, breathing and centering can relax and relieve stress and tension in the muscles and calm the mind.