Christina is an experienced Pilates instructor, who trained at the Pilates Institute in London. She has been teaching Pilates for fifteen years, one of the first in Leicester, and prior to that she had been teaching Exercise and Dance since 1989. She is also currently a registered learning provider for Landrover.

Further training at The Pilates Institute has included Clinical Posture, Healthy Back, Pregnancy, Senior Populations, Special Populations, Sacroiliac and Hip, Shoulder girdle and Neck. Christina also did the much researched core awareness course in The Psoas to add an in depth knowledge and has completed a comprehensive study of Pelvic Floor Health. This has been incorporated into her New Body Pilates classes covering a subject that is an integral part of health and wellbeing. Teaching awareness of this muscle control and isolation credits New Body Pilates as being “PELVIC FLOOR FRIENDLY”..

She is fully insured and belongs to Fitness Professionals.

Christina has a background in dance and has done so since she was three years of age. She has covered and qualified in both the many forms and styles of dance. She has also managed a fitness company and trained many teachers in all aspects of exercise and dance.

As a result of the benefits of Pilates and the close connection to Classical Ballet, discipline and posture, Christina has concentrated on Pilates, believing that the rewards to everyone are great and can be life changing.


A summary of her qualifications


  • 1991 RSA

  • 1994 Advanced RSA (covering step, stress management, pre and post natal, muscle matters, 50+ and motivation.)

  • 1996 Line dance training success in dance choreography, the most well known is “Red Hot Salsa” and is world famous

  • 2002 Pilates Institute London. Fundamental mat work certificate course.

  • 2003 Pilates Institute London. Back care.

  • 2003 Pilates Institute London. Posture and Pilates.

  • 2006 Pilates Institute London. Sacroiliac and hip theory

  • 2006 Pilates Institute London. Shoulder, girdle and neck theory.

  • 2008 Pilates Institute London. Special populations competence certificate.

  • 2008 core awareness and the psoas muscle.

  •  Fitness Professionals qualification 2017.

  • Pelvic floor health certificate

  • In depth training about the pelvic floor and how to improve and maintain pelvic floor health

  • First aid for appointed persons up to date.

  • Member of Fitness Professionals.

  • Fully CRB checked